måndag 8 mars 2010

Downey Blomster och Jazz del .2
Mer bilder med håruppsättningarna, samt från charmiga konditori Lundbergs som jag gick förbi på väg till Madelin.
foto: Miriam Parkman/Madelin Downey
Redigering: Miriam Parkman
Hårstyling: Madelin Downey
Använd inte bilderna utan tillåtelse!
Downey Flowers and Jazz part .2
More pictures of the hairstyles and some pictures of the cute café "Lundbergs" that's on the way to Madelin's home. Nicely saved from the 50's!
photo: Miriam Parkman/Madelin Downey
Editing: Miriam Parkman
Hairstyling: Madelin Downey
Please don't use the photos without permission!
Med vänliga hälsningar,

5 kommentarer:

Darla sa...

Id love to know the difference between the two photos aside from the fact she has bangs in the second her hair looks so similar. Are they two different styles or the same with and with out bangs?

Any who gorgeous photos, shes a doll and her outfit is darling.


Lisa sa...


lisa sa...


MissMadelin sa...

Hi Darla,
It's the same hair-do with some optional varietys; with our without orchids, with and without a bang.

Erica sa...

Den randiga plåtburken är gudomlig! Vad står på locket? Kram