torsdag 2 oktober 2008

Mer från Jenny och Joakims bröllop

Magnus Petterson tog några fantastiska bilder på bröllopet.

Some more fantastic pictures from my sister's wedding, taken by the great photographer Magnus Petterson.

Med vänliga hälsningar,


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Thumbelina sa...

This is a dream!! It's funny because I have been looking at a lot of my family's old pictures--and it is incredible how this photographer was able to achieve the quality of the photos from a few decades ago. Congratulations to her as well, she looks stunning. This are seriously so amazingly beautiful, lucky girl!
Also, I want to say thank you so much for the comments that you write. It seems like you really put thought into what you write, and I am so grateful. You are so sweet--and I am glad I was able to introduce you to John Singer Sargent as well--isn't he incredible? And Madame X is probably one of the most beautiful paintings of all time, their is just so much mystery and seduction in her with a smidgen of desolation.
Ciao ciao dear <3!!

Miriam Parkman sa...

I know! That was what I also thought when I saw them. And, since our inspiration for the dress and hair was 20's/30's moviestar (combined with some simplicity, that my sister likes) he did it really well. I'm glad that you liked her look, because I made the dress and her hair;) If you want to see more pictures of the wedding, and other old beautyful weddingpictures, you can look under my category "Bröllop".

I like your comments too; they are also full of thougt. That's what I want from this blog! I want to hear others thoughts about things I like; old photographs, beautiful clothes and baking, for eaxmple.:)

I love Madame X, and I completely agree with you! The seduction and mystery in that painting is just amazing. And, desolation too, just as you say.

Cheek-kiss to you dear!