måndag 15 februari 2010

Denimauktion nr. 2

Jag har åter igen gjort ett försök att hitta nya jeans på ebay, men den här gången blev de istället för små. Så, ni med smala, raka höfter -passa på! Här är eran modell. De finns på Tradera i en vecka från och med idag!

Oanvända med originallapp kvar!

A new pair of originaljeans that I bought from ebay, but this time too small. I'm selling them at Tradera, so if you have the straight, boyish figure -don't miss it! I think these would be perfect for you.

Med vänliga hälsningar,


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Redheaded woman sa...


regarding your question-askingpost, I know I'm a bit late, but a question popped my mind. When you pin your hair up, is it necessary to curl it first or does it work with straight hair?? I've tried things with my straight hair, but it doesn't work. But maybe I just need to stop being lazy and put curlers in my hair :).
greets hanne

Miriam Parkman sa...

No problem:)
I have hair straigt as a pen, which of course is a bit complicated. It is easier to do something with it when it already has some kind of shape, wavy or curly. So, yes, try put curlers in it!
I usually curl it after I've showered, and then use those curls for different hairdo's the coming days. If I don't curl it, I comb and put my fringe up so that I only have to braid or put th rest of the hair in a bun. So, put some time off once or twice a week and "work" your straight hair, and you'll fix your hair in 5 minutes the other days:)

Erica sa...

Vilka riktigt fina! Roligt att se.

Redheaded woman sa...

thanks for the tips :). I'll try them out.


Redheaded woman sa...

oh yes, just 2 questions left if you don't mind :) what kind of rollers do you use?? And which products do you put in your hair before puttings rollers in? x

Anonym sa...

Hey Miriam, if you are still looking for some high waist jeans I can fully recommend Freddies of Pinewood. I think they ship worldwide and their jeans are vintage style so they're great! Check their website out :-)