måndag 22 september 2008

Frågor och svar/questions and answers.
Jag blev taggad av Betty Lou.
What are the last three things you purchased?
Just a half an hour ago, I bought two fantastic bags with mixed second hand-laces! I found it yesterday at a fleamarket, and picked it up today. It's really a bargain! Before that it was lots of nice skirts and two blouses from Amnestyboden ( a charity second handshop), when I worked there last weekend. I will post pictures of them later on! And before that... I'm not sure. Maybe two nice hairroses from H&M.
What are the last three songs you downloaded?
I'm not good at that... At all. But, I think it was the soundtrack to "Oh brother where art thou" which is more than three songs so that'll be enough.
What are the last three places you visited?
Well, I visit Sundsvall everyday since my school is there. Before that it must have been Uppsala and Stockholm.
What are your three favorite movies?
First of all, The Notebook. I can watch it over and over again. I'm in love with both Noah and Allie, their story, the clothes, the cars, everything. One of the few movies that make my cry!
Then, Les Triplettes de Belleville and Amelie de Montmartre.
What are your three favorite possessions?
Hm... I have to say my best vintageclothes-bargains, first of all. And then a painting that's also a second hand-find, that hangs over my bed. It's a picture of a 20's/30's woman who look so cool calm, and she always calm me down when I'm stressed. She has a look that says "So what?":D For the third thing I guess I have to say the computer, even though it's messing with me all the time...
(and my coffee-and-cookies-porcelain-collection!)
What three things can you not live without?
My family and friends, high heels and chocolate;)
What would be your three wishes?
To have a happy and healthy life. I want to get old without diseases.
For the material part; shoes by Minna Parikka and lingerie from AP.
What three things haven’t you done yet?
Learned how to dance Balboa, Shag and Charleston (that's one!). For number two, I haven't been to New York. For number three, I still haven't learned how to knit, even though grandma has showed me several times.
What are your three favorite dishes?
Vegetarian lasagna with spinach, cottage cheese and cognac in the tomatosauce ( a very luxurious ingredient, but it really does it!). Except from that, I like Meze/Tapas/Plockmat- food, like wineleafrolls, hoummous, pizza with feta cheese and sundried tomatoes and breads of all kinds. I love bread.
Which three celebrities would you most like to hang out with?
I have no idea... I have to think about that!
Name three things that freak you out?
The sound of nails against dull porcelain, people who complain and never seem to do anything about it (sorry) and, Sarah Palin's opinion about abortion.
Which three things are you coveting?
My favourite second hand-shops and fleamarkets, all the time! There's no point for me to dream about ReVamp-clothes and so on, I will never afford it, at least not now. So, I get what I can from the lovely local charityshops, and fix it myself if it's needed!
Name three blogs you're tagging:
Well, this took so long so I won't have time to post anything more today. But, if there's something else you would like to know, just ask!
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6 kommentarer:

Betty Lou sa...

hela Sarah Palin skrämmer mig. ska gå & lägga mig snart, london imon bitti. när jag kommer hem så måste jag se "the notebook" igen, var väldigt längesen. ska försöka hitta boken när jag är i london.
ser fram emot bilder på dina fynd, vore kul att se tavlan också :D

god natt

Thumbelina sa...

Oh I love all your answers, you are so adorable!! And amen to what you said about Palin (it's worse for me because I actually live in Alaska... dear lord if McCain wins...). Also I wanted to tell you how much I adore your blog, while I may not comment I come here often. You have the most wonderful style, really you do. And I wanted to tell you that I left you an award on my blog! So if you want it you can come check it out there :D
Ciao dear <3

marit sa...

hej miriam! vad kul att läsa din blogg, malin tipsade om den, verkligen jättefint! jag träffade förresten olle på popaganda, jag är ju stockholmsbo nu mera. hoppas han hälsade till dig. kolla in min bligg vettja!

marit sa...

ojoj, min blogg hittar du om du skriver www.tantmarit.blogg.se

Miriam Parkman sa...

betty lou: Ja, det är inte bara åsikten om abort som skrämmer mig heller... Men, ha så kul i London! Jag ska försöka fixa bilder på fynden, och tavlan visade jag en gång... Men det kanske var på min gamla blogg, så det är väldigt mycket att leta efter. Men jag kan posta det på nytt! ;)

thumbelina: It's so cool that someone all the way from Alaska reads my blog! I will never stop being amazed of the wonders of the internet, haha:). Thank yoy so much for your flattering words, I'm so glad to hear it! I took a quick look on your blog today in school, but I plan to make a longer visit now. It made a very good first impression! And of course, thanks for the award! It was really cute of you.
And I have to ask, who are you hoping/voting for president? Obama? Or did you hope for Hillary?

marit: Men hej Marit! Vad kul att höra från dig. Och vad kul att du bor i Stockholm! Jag ska definitivt kolla din blogg, bara namnet låter lockande...;)

Maud sa...

It's great to read so many cool stuffs,and I really, really love this blog,(and even more now that i read this commentary about crazy Palin...) are but what about books?

ps: I am french (well, I'm in Paris for so long know,I think i can say that I am, can't I), and whas quite amazed to see that Les Triplettes de Belleville, that i saw at the cinema whit my aunt some time ago,was in your list.I really liked it but thaught it would never past thought our borders...